Group subsidiaries:IDEAL | ELLIQUENCE


Established in 2005, Shanghai Kinetic Co., Ltd. has become a medical device manufacturer for multidisciplinary specialties including Orthopedics, Cardiovascular and Sports Medicine.

KMC was listed on the Growth Enterprises Market of Shenzhen Stock Exchange (3000326.SZ) in 2012, merged Beijing Essen and Jiangsu Ideal the second year.

While rapidly growing, KMC is also continually building up a creditworthy company image and creating strategic cooperation platform at home and abroad by diversifying product lines, enhancing product quality and completing service system.

KMC keeps active communication with KOLs for consistently improvement and innovation to the products and medical solutions.

And will always stick to the company’s original mission “to provide top quality products and the best value to the needs of the doctors and patients” simultaneously.

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